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Today’s demanding shopper, thinning margin, ubiquitous competition, and ever changing macroeconomic landscape puts a lot of pressure on how retailers need to merchandise and supply products.LiveMindz harnesses the power of Big Data analytics, and prescriptive algorithms to respond to evolving consumer and market trends.

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Gaining The Agility To Compete In Retail

Growth is on the agenda for businesses across sectors—even as market volatility remains at an all-time high. In light of the growing competition and rising costs in an increasingly complex business environment, it is now more important than ever for retailers to create a seamless organization that drives innovation and engages customers. However, gaining the agility to compete in this industry is not a one-time exercise, and it is not just about reducing costs. Success comes from reinvesting those savings in improving customer experiences, which will, in turn, drive competitive advantage and growth.LiveMindz create a more efficient operating model that frees up resources to invest in growth

Flexible Technology For Every Retailers

No one can predict how technology will influence the future industry landscape, so retailers must simply expect the unexpected. LiveMindz can help you capitalize on disruptive technologies and improve your ability to be ready for anything.Through their legacy systems they need the ability to keep the lights on while at the same time developing a more nimble and flexible ecosystem to capitalize on the disruptions that are pervasive.Breakthrough technologies, such as digital and in-memory computing, enable a high-velocity ERP. We have the capabilities to speed the deployments, reduce ERP costs, and facilitate richer interactions with customers, partners and machines.

Adapting For The Customer Experience

Customers expect retailers to recognize them, remember them, relate to them and recommend relevant products. Retailers can do all of this by maximizing the data they have to create highly tailored, contextual and meaningful experiences. Digital does not change the core fundamentals of retail but it does significantly impact how those fundamentals are delivered. LiveMindz has the expertise and know-how to help with the customer-facing details, such as developing an intuitive user interface or using analytics to personalize and customize the shopping experience.

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