This zoom plugin made by yyx990803 provides image zoom functionality. Add a data-trigger="zoomerang" attribute to any image you want to make zoomable.

Smooth page scrolling

The smooth scrolling feature is a nice way to let your users navigate your content while keeping track of where they are on the page.

You only need a link that users will click with the class .scroll to enable the functionality:

Example: Go to slider

<a href="#intro" class="scroll">Intro</a>

And a section anywhere in the page with the same unique ID that you want to navigate to:

<div id="intro"">...</div>


This plugin made by Codrops enables a slider functionality with 14 different effects.

You can try out all the possible Effects:

  • Slide 1 content

  • Slide 2 content

  • Slide 3 content

  • Slide 4 content