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We confirm a smooth transition from process development and optimization-driven execution defined by the study phases, to a construction and start-up-driven execution platform defined by an EPC phase.LiveMindz thinks first and foremost about executing project construction. Then we work backward, formulating how to get materials to the various sites.

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Major greenfield and brownfield projects are coming up due to the increase in demand for energy. Engineering & Construction companies are taking up large scale construction of new infrastructure or upgrading existing ones across the entire spectrum of O&G exploration, refining, distribution, power plants, utility infrastructure and mining. IT & technology solutions are playing a big role for profitable and risk-managed implementation of these capital construction projects.LiveMindz helps you across the entire capital project lifecycle - from bidding, design, procurement, construction to operations.


Airports are competing to win airline traffic and to offer competitive landing fees, minimum connect times, turnaround times and facilities for enhanced passenger experience. Increasing airport privatization projects and public & private partnerships are shifting the focus more on aeronautical and commercial revenues.Airports, thus, are leveraging information technology and solutions to improve revenues, passenger experience, and profitability with reliable technology infrastructure at competitive costs.LiveMindz Digital Airport Framework helps improve revenues, passenger experience and profitability.


As passenger volumes continue to grow on urban and main line rail systems throughout the world, so does the demand for a safe, reliable and punctual transportation service. Metro rail operators are confronted with unique challenges intensified by stringent safety and security requirements to ensure a free flow of traffic while reducing spiraling operational expenses.LiveMindz helps key stakeholders in the Metro rail business, starting from rail owners, construction companies, Metro rail technology providers and metro operators.We help design consultants in route planning and EPC companies in construction


The Maritime Port and Container Terminal sector is facing major challenges as shipping companies launch next generation vessels with even greater TEU capacities. Today’s terminal management teams are tuning to newer technologies. While some seek to expand current facilities, others are turning to external advisory services to help improve productivity, reduce operational costs and increase profitability across terminal businesses.LiveMindz helps address these challenges with deep domain expertise, proven technology and skilled resources. Our Port and Terminal division offers a very comprehensive set of services and solutions to help you overcome these complex issues.

Smart Cities

Growth in global population continues to drive citizens from rural areas to cities. With rapid expansion of urban areas, cities need to become intelligent to handle this large scale urbanization. This is driving city operators to look at smarter ways to manage complexities, increase efficiencies and improve quality of life. Today, we need cities that monitor and integrate infrastructure to better optimize resources while maximizing services to its citizens.We help achieve the vision of transforming an existing or new urban area into a Smart City.

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