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LiveMindz has a strong presence in the Transportation industry. Our expertise spans the logistics value chain right from Pricing Analytics, Rate Management, and Order Management to Fulfilment, Route Optimization, Warehouse Management, and Global Freight Forwarding.

Segments We Serve


Airlines today are operating in a dynamic and cost-conscious environment. They need to maintain profitable growth and build the ability to manage future opportunities while keeping up with global policies.LiveMindz tailored strategies, expert teams and experience with global Airlines help you with Enhanced customer experience,Reduced cost of business operations and Analytics for accurate decision making.

Car Rentals

Our travel and transportation solutions, technology and consulting benefit our car rental clients by:
  • Improving the customer's end-to-end experience
  • Increasing the agility of customer sales and service systems
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Assuring safety and security with less cost and impact on your customers

Cruise Lines

We help you in various business critical initiatives:
  • Build next generation reservation systems and legacy modernization
  • Deliver a robust and effective campaign management system
  • Support capacity expansion, market expansion initiatives
  • Provide scalable, flexible and cost-effective IT Application and Infrastructure Management capabilities


With increasing security concerns, compliance and regulatory restrictions, and an increasing customer need for real time access to information, Asset Tracking and Visibility has come to the forefront of Logistics IT spend.LiveMindz experience in the Logistics industry brings a holistic approach to managing Asset tracking and Visibility and the support systems that will allow continued and accelerated operational and overall performance improvements.

Rail Roads

Increased volatility, global reach and growing interconnectedness have customers demanding higher levels of consistency and scale from their freight and logistics services.With technology-enabled solutions, Rail organizations can secure their place as a mode of choice in the freight transportation industry. LiveMindz uses its knowledge of the freight Rail industry and business processes, combined with our service expertise and insights, to help you address each challenge individually and to improve margins and stay flexible.


For many of today’s Shipping organizations, the economy and often outmoded systems is putting a strain on operations. Container Shipping organizations face a number of challenges to remain competitive and profitable. LiveMindz not only helps you improve the service offered but also introduces a greater level of visibility that enables better decision making, higher margins and increased profitability.

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