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SCOIN ( patent pending ) is a Fintech product, lets say a fintech system. SCOIN is a disruptive innovation of LiveMIndz in the Fintech space. SCOIN users can move small bills and change to their digital wallets during any purchase at participating retail stores.

SCOIN is both modern and digital way of saving change and small bills at any retail purchases by moving them to a safe and secured wallet. In essence SCOIN is today’s version of piggy bank or Coin Jar.

While the road map of SCOIN has 360 degree , end to end capabilities SCOIN , the current phase and variants will begin the journey of enabling users to pay using SCOIN, moving SCOIN balances in to their bank accounts and even transferring among friends and family.SCOIN features applications both in Android and iOS featuring enabling users to know their balances and transactions with a state of the art Dashboard system. User privacy, data security and application integrity is the key factor in consideration while developing a complex system of this nature.

SCOIN is an end to end product delivered in phases. SCOIN integrations, collaborations , custom API’s make SCOIN a Sky scalable product. With initial launch in the states and expanding further to regions of Asia pacific and India.

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User Friendly And Customer Driven Mechanism!

Livemindz pioneered TRIM with an intent and vision to create a transparent and accountable blog for companies and businesses in the professional services arena. TRIM features a very user friendly and customer driven mechanism. TRIM stays as a platform to ensure that individuals under resource deployment practices are aware of the market happenings and the reflection that they leave behind for a business transaction.

TRIM is born and incepted with the responsibility quotient that is required for the industry of staffing and consulting . TRIM respects business ethics and professional challenges and hurdles that each and every company is subjected to as well. The duty and obligation of TRIM platform continues to remain to the degree of professional practices in the professional service industry.

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Document branding tool.

An upcoming web based product and solution of LiveMindz. Izeuqalto by name equals the document branding equality to scalable market. Izequalto is a document branding tool marketed over a subscription basis to individual and enterprise users. Izequalto features a 3 step easy process of branding any word or pdf document with style in a automated process and providing users the ability to mail directly to intended receivers.

Izeualto is smart, intelligent and automated with user friendly approach. LiveMindz is working towards artifacts and shaping of Izequalto to a refined global product.

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