Tailored Software Support Services

LiveMindz Delivers As A Full-cycle Service That Includes QA And Stabilization Phases!

LiveMindz offers Operating System support and maintenance services to ensure your mission-critical software demonstrates secure, fault-free operation and fast performance. We help CIOs boost agility and simplify support of software assets, while allowing for continuous improvement and consistency of UX drawing on usability, usage efficiency, and overall business productivity.

We guarantee smooth interaction with the development and support engineers, with no data loss and interruptions, achieved through proper documentation of all issues and requests, along with close requirement, development, and defect management.

The Help Desk enables the Operating System support team to quickly respond to users’ inquiries, check the progress of each task, exchange comments, and track history of actions for each particular case.

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Streamlined Process


Secure knowledge transfer from the current team

Remedy Activities

Hot fixes,Performance tuning,Elaboration of missing documentation and Enhancements planning.

Maintenance & Support

Online Help Desk,Issue tracking,Backup and Recovery

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