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We help manufacturers monetize connected operations, and connected customers!

Consumers are expecting the interactions seamlessly and impulsively and competitors are formidably replicating many successful models in business to attract and win the hearts of customers. Manufacturers are exerting their effort to deliver the most compelling brand experiences. LiveMindz maximizes value from customer channels, devices, touchpoints, and interactions.

What We Do

Digital Consumer Engagement

To be a tower of strength to digital capabilities for brand awareness, captivate new consumers and loyalty programs. LiveMindz delivers marketing optimization and multichannel interaction capabilities to engage the digital consumer.

Consumer Goods Services

Setting up the enterprise foundation focuses on the main imperatives in business to service the best ERP strategic plan, Architecture and approach. Our impeccable services and solutions make it possible for CPG companies to move beyond ERP towards the digital Business, take advantage of the power of collaboration in mobility.

Route to Market

Our Acumen approach helps consumer packaged goods(CPG) companies increase and improves their sales potential and margins in the most efficient manner while contributing to improving the interactions with the channel partners and the customers in sophisticated and emerging markets today.

Operational Agility

Serving diverse consumer needs while running in a more cost-efficient way that adds more value back to the business. LiveMindz delivers incremental value compared to the stand-alone elements, making our approach sustainable and driving continuous improvement.

R&D Transformation

R&D Transformation for re-focusing the innovations that are game-changing today. By transforming the R&D in this way can be involved with four indispensable: Adopting to multi-local or global operating models; Product lifecycle digitization; R&D disaggregating; and pursuiting the sustainable excellence in operations.

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