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Despite growing pressure to offer proactive patient engagement, several hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other caregivers continue to remain ‘reactive’.LiveMindz is proactive, scalable, and personalized.We enhance the efficacy of patient engagement platforms.

What We Do

Accelerated R&D

LiveMindz helps companies formulate new R&D and organizational strategies.Our strategies and changes to improve the performance, retention and engagement of the R&D workforce in light of today’s complex industry trends and need for competitive differentiation.

Intelligent Patient Services For Life Sciences

We use unique population health analytics and a collaborative technology platform to help companies redefine how they incorporate the patient into the digital health solutions.We bring our expertise in Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology and Operations to help life sciences companies build comprehensive, outcome-oriented patient services

Intelligent Commercial Services For Life Sciences

Today’s digitally-enabled, patient outcomes-based environment with more specialized drugs demands a very different commercial model than the sales focused dominated models that were prevalent during the blockbuster era.Our Intelligent Commercial Services practice takes an insight-driven approach to providing comprehensive, end-to-end, digitally-enabled services.

Enterprise Technology Services For Life Sciences

Today, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer health and medical device companies face cost pressures associated with operating in today's hyper-connected, broader digital ecosystem—one in which they can optimize their business, refine patient experiences, deliver business outcomes and ultimately reshape markets.We have extensive experience delivering innovative and cost-saving technology solutions to life sciences companies.

Supply Chain Services For Life Sciences

With many products going off patent and increased competition to develop new ones, greater efficiency and cost reduction is more important than ever in life sciences, and the role of supply chain is critical.LiveMindz offers a comprehensive set of services to help distributors, wholesalers, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device.

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